Mitchell Schwartz for Mayor
I'm running for Mayor of Los Angeles because I love this city and because I believe we can do much better by the everyday Angelenos whose voices are not being heard and whose services are not being met. My campaign is about making sure we get back to putting the people of this city first, and ensuring that we take care of basic and essential needs that will make Los Angeles even greater. This includes:
  • Making sure we have smart development and affordable housing - not just luxury housing that drives Los Angelenos out of our city;
  • Restoring trust in government;
  • Dealing with our beloved city’s crumbling infrastructure needs;
  • Addressing the dizzying 20% spike in violent crime, and a homeless crisis that has reached epidemic proportions;
  • Finding solutions to the choking gridlock on our streets and highways;
  • Fixing an education system that is failing our students;
  • and, serving a full five-and-a-half year term.
We cannot make meaningful change without your support. Thank you for joining our team and contributing to the campaign for the future all Angelenos deserve – together, we can preserve what is great about Los Angeles and build a brighter future for our community.

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